Eleanor Calder

The former Hollister and co. model who is widely admired by most of the teenagers for her sense of fashion would be on the top of my wishlist if I planned for a makeover. Her ability to sport any dress perfectly is definitely worth noticing. Let it be a beautiful black dress or a simple jumpsuit, everything is pulled out cool(kudos) by the London beauty. Since I admire the way she dresses up I have the habit of looking at her instagram posts. I could even daringly call it my hobby too. My favourite attire of hers would be a black blouse, white high-low skirt, a thin brown belt and a pair of gold strapped sandles paired with a cool pair of goggles Right below are some pictures for you to admire too.



For those who have been desperate to know where all her outfits come from then we have all got lucky because Calder and her best friend Max Hurd have cofounded their own blog site http://www.trendpear.com. Like she has always mentioned that her favourite store is Topshop,Urban Outfitters and Forever21 most of her clothes come from Topshop so start saving a lot of bucks if you are big fan and shop for it but my suggestion would be don’t until you are 19 girls because you don’t want one of your favourite attire back in cupboard because you have grown out of it, it is just a suggestion if you wish to go by. Now a few words about the site. It is a complete guide to one kind of perfect fashion. In the site both of them have clearly given the fashion lovers the evolving trends of style and the lovoo brand that focuses on leopard print trend has its own eternal scream of passion towards fashion. A go situation for those who love foooooooood not just to eat but to admire it, then you have also got your luck in your pockets because they have uploaded some photos and it is a complete treat for our eyes, it was mouthwatering. Oh how much I wish I could eat it now! This fashionesta has got a clear sense of fashion and style. Below are just few of my favourites












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