G Dragon speaks fashion

If one held me in a gunpoint and asked me what was the best thing about Kwon Ji Yong popularly known by his stage name G-Dragon, would I possibly say it is his rap, his hairstyle that changes probably even before the season changes or should I say surely his sense of fashion. I will always be in a dilemma. G-Dragon globally known for his strong and confident sense of fashion is definitely more than worth to write about for his on the point style. I can put my foot down and say that although there are other amazing people who dress up great like everyday is a fashion show, this man has a style that truly just belongs to him or in precise a wardrobe clearly customised only for him. In precise if someone won his entire closet in an auction, they would still not be able to pull the swag like he does that is because I believe fashion is not just about what you wear but more about how you wear it and how you carry yourself forward wearing it. He has a style that speaks for him. He is someone who is not afraid to explore and go deep when it comes to fashion. He can break stereotypes, he can break rules when it comes to his vogue but he still would be able to rock the world with his screaming sense of fashion. For him it is not just about shopping from his favourite brands like Saint Laurent, chanel,givenchy, En noir, Balmain, Christian Louboutin, etc but it is also about going a bit more deeper for his love and dedication for the world fashion. I ain’t exaggerating here, he actually makes personal connections with designers like Karl Lagerfeld.


Being in the front row for every fashion show he could make it to in his busy schedule he actually is quite an inspiration and someone to look up to for his style. While searching for information I also stumbled upon his fashion line “peaceminusone”.


Subjectively to me,it was a perfectly cool style which wasn’t to hippy or too classy but in the right proportions. He also models for sister’s fashion store “Rare market” and his all time style inspiration is his mom who has an eye for fashion. These are just a few things I found, I could just keep going on like a train that never stops. When it comes to kpop idols airport is like their style destination where they get to wear what they want, their favourite brand new vêtements that they shopped and I bet you this big bang star makes a bang into every list of best dressed airport fashion. I am not kidding here, you can look it up for yourselves.For the exquisite man he is, he also appeared in the cover of the vogue magazine a couple of times


 All that I am trying to say is Kwon Ji Yong not only speaks fashion but he speaks it loud enough that one cannot help themselves ignore his style. So what am I to say in the gun point?!



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