A winter’s nostalgia with Comme des Garcons

If someone told me dressing up isn’t all about the fun but just more than that, I wouldn’t argue with them. Would you? Starting from choosing what you want to wear, the print, the colour, the right accessories to the perfect pair of shoes or the bag you carry, nothing is easy to choose especially when a person has more choices. When it is all about what to wear, it would be a bit different to see a dress that makes you question for a moment, no definitely longer “How will anyone wear that?” Well that is what I exactly thought when I saw the Comme des Garcons ready to wear F/W17 Paris collection and I wasn’t surprised at all when most people I showed the pictures to reacted the same way.

Those pictures not only left me confused or clueless but they left me thinking for nights, it raised so many questions in my head that I clearly wanted answers for. Firstly, How will anyone wear that? Secondly, who will pull the look perfectly and if anyone did how will they actually do it and more specifically where or what occasion will they wear it to? Besides all these questions that I may or may not get an answer for in the future, there is an underlined sense of warmth and memories that I could remember seeing the attire for a longer time. It clearly brought my mind the times my mom wrapped the quilt around me before I went to bed so that i stayed comfortable and warm enough. Ironically this is summer here when I write it, a time when people possibly bury their quilts in a store-room or inside the cupboard until it is winter again or it is cold. Especially considering the season now, it sure makes anyone who loves winter or the rain miss it more. The collection not only brings out nostalgic thoughts in our mind but it has also managed to create something unique and different. It defines a new statement in fashion clearly showing the way the fashion industry grows by day and night making new trends often.It also shows the confidence that designers have in them to create something specifically new, the idea of who might wear it has not held them back which in my opinion is an amazing thing. Lastly, in an industry like fashion where last week’s trend is different from today’s, having the courage to create something new and the ability to attract a huger scale of audience through one’s unique idea is definitely an amazing thing.


Pictures were taken from the link above.


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